50.5803° N, 3.7551° W explores my personal experiences of walking on Dartmoor. Dartmoor is a landscape of duality; it draws me in and remains with me long after I have left. 50.5803° N, 3.7551° W expresses the opposing elements that come together to make up the experience of walking in the moor, the detail and the expanse.

50.5803° N, 3.7551° W is a tunnel book made by combining layers of a single photograph of Hay Tor on the moors with the contour lines of the Ordinance Survey map depicting that same site. The image is a close up: a rock face, grass, moss and heather. These are the details, the elements that linger in my mind after walking. The final page is the only complete copy of the photograph used, but look at the book head on and you can see the image in its entirety, the contour lines burrowing through every page of the book. These same contour lines are repeated on the cover of the clamshell portfolio box. There is an intimacy in art particularly relevant to book art, which lends itself to the expression of personal experience while also inviting active reading. The title, 50.5803° N, 3.7551° W, invites this interaction by offering the exact longitude and latitude of the book's location, as though tempting the audience to search for the rock face depicted, a search that in the end is too exacting for success.

50.5803° N, 3.7551° W was published by As Yet Untitled in 2017 in a limited edition of 5. It is available to buy HERE