Rosie Sherwood is an artist, independent publisher and scholar. She has developed an interdisciplinary practise that encourages the meeting of materials and processes, and the incorporation of each discipline’s unique language and structure.

Book art is the backbone of Sherwood's practise creatively and academically. She founded As Yet Untitled in 2012, launching the press and flagship publication Elbow Room. In 2015, she crowd-founded to expand As Yet Untitled allowing her to work as mentor and collaborator in the publication of new artists’ books. 

In 2017 Sherwood took over as Creative Director of turn the page Artists Book Fair. turn the page is an internationally regarded artists book event in the Eastern Region of the UK that offers a unique platform for artists whose work is book based or informed by the physical or conceptual properties of the book. As part of Sherwood's role as Creative Director she has set up the inaugural turn the page Artists Book Symposium.

Sherwood teaches at multiple universities, has been published on a range of subjects, most recently in the Artists Book Year Book, and has work in national and international collections.

Sherwood's creative research is currently focused to theories of time, walking, and the artist as an alternative cartographer. The project, Mapping in an Ever Moving Now, draws from psychogeography, emotional mapping, issues of conservation and land art in order to capture and compound the multiplicities of maps, and our movement through time. This multidisciplinary project combines sculpture, photography and book art to create collections of work or “maps” that depict journeys through specific areas. As part of this project Sherwood has recently begun a residency with the Marine Biology Institute at Plymouth University.