Hiking through the woods, or along the coastal paths and beaches, I began to notice patterns. The shapes worn into the surface of the rocks and cliffs, and those formed by bark, are remarkably similar. Akin incorporates these two vastly different natural elements, rock and wood, within the one sculpture. Akin rise from the grass as though it has grown from this very spot, natural but not quite. At first glance we recognise what we are seeing, it is familiar, but upon closer examination the sculpture becomes uncanny in its hybridity. Akin was selected for the National Sculpture Prize 2018 at Broomhill Sculpture Garden, and will be exhibited until May. The public vote is open and you can cast yours HERE.

Akin is the first completed piece of work from An Ever Moving Now.

Akin was made using moulds taken directly from the landscape, rocks and trees that inspired the sculpture. These photos give a glimpse into the making process. To find out more you can read my blog HERE.

Akin much like Metronome began life as a wax maquette created from a far smaller mould and made in my studio. Making a maquette is my way of testing and idea, seeing if what I am imagining works, forming it under my hands until I have some understanding of what I am making. Akin is the first opportunity I have had to take that maquette and create a large form sculpture. The two versions of this sculpture are, much like the elements that inspired them, similar but different, connected but not quite one.