Forged: Somewhere between…

These book boxes are a memorial, a warning, and a sign of hope; a symbol of all we could lose if we do not act now and all we could save through rewilding. The full title of each box corresponds to the hike during which the photograph displayed within the box was taken. Contained within each box is a bronze cast, a forgery of nature’s splendour. Each box is a frozen snapshot of nature: the monument we do not actually want, as the ever changing, growing warmth of the real things would be sorely missed. The photographs displayed within in box shows where these objects should be found, and where with the help of rewilding, we could continue to encounter them.

Forged is part of An Ever Moving Now, a multi-chaptered project exploring wild spaces and our connections to nature, seasons and place. The project addresses my own personal experiences, memories and sensations of being embedded in nature, and connects these to the broader concepts of wildness, conservation through rewilding, and shifting baselines. Throughout this project, I explore a diverse range of natural environments from coastline to woodland, and examine how ideas of wildness play out within these different environments.

The first chapter focuses on the South West Coast Path, England and is being supported by the Marine Institute at Plymouth University and the South West Coast Path Association.

Both the photograph and the object contained within each box comes from the South West Coast Path. The bronze casts were made in the foundry at Camberwell College of Art.

 Making every box for Forged: Somewhere between is a labour intensive process that includes darkroom photography, box making and bronze casting. The photographs above are a glimpse behind the scenes.

A quick video of a bronze pour in the foundry at Camberwell College of Art!